05 November, 2007

Good on yer, Colin

According to "Red_in_Ireland", CC had words with a couple of the idiots who regularly boo the team on Saturday:

"When Commons came off and Cohen went to the left 2 numptys sitting beside me screamed at calderwood, CC told them rather loudly to F off, Then at the end of the game he shook Ronnie Moores hand then headed to the direction of the numptys and confronted them at the front of the stand. Had a full blown conversation with them, that for me is the courage of a tiger."

I agree with Red_in_Ireland, it takes real guts to actually enter into a dialogue with the kind of meatheads who boo your every move. Further down the thread, he continues:

"I was 3 rows back but i managed to get nearer towards the end of the conversation and i heared (sic) the numpty say to colin "sorry Colin but i feel we needed 2 wide players especially on the left as there right back was rubbish(stockdale i think)" Colin replied "I knew that thats what i said at half time and where did the 2 goals come from?" he left it pretty much at that, and walked away too a standin ovation, And he was spot on the 2 goals came from crosses from the left wing from Jules."

Good stuff Colin, you tell 'em! The full thread can be viewed here.

Other news:

In the latest round of speculation, it seems as though those who live in Gotham, and those who think Clifton is a dump, might get their way by having the new stadium located elsewhere.

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