17 November, 2007

A new way of working?

It may have escaped some people's notice that the fans' group MyFootballClub have agreed to take over at Ebbsfleet.

This is an interesting concept: on the one hand, it allows fans a vital say in how the club is run, it reconnects football with the grass roots, and it prevents the club from being run by "fat cat" directors, only seeking to line their own pocket.

On the other hand, there is the cynical view that power corrupts, and therefore many of the board's motives may become less pure as time goes on, and also the very real problem that you cannot expect a committee to pick the team - as David Sullivan points out, the manager Liam Daish won't be very happy at this, although he is naturally making all the right noises about it being "happy for fans to have an input" etc (he would say that, wouldn't he?).

As a Red, I had alarming flashbacks of the hierarchy of our club, which was previously run by committee, then by the 209 greedy shareholders who sold our club down the river leading to the horrendous problems of the last 15 years (see Duncan Hamilton's excellent book "Provided you don't kiss me" for an insight).
An interesting experiment - I hope that it is a success (a la AFC Wimbledon, where the good feeling of fans has taken the club a long way), because the cost of failure in this case could see the end of Ebbsfleet.

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