22 May, 2008

Breaking business news

May 2009

The manager of the McDonald's branch on Radcliffe Road has reported a sharp downturn in profits for the 2008-9 financial year.

Nottingham Forest Blog overheard this telephone conversation with the East Midlands regional manager:

"Unfortunately one of our regular customers disappeared in May last year. He said that he worked at the City Ground, but he would always drive in, as he couldn't be bothered to walk. I got to know him quite well, as he would always come in for breakfast and lunch, and sometimes dinner as well - I think his name was Kristian. I did see his car going through the drive-thru last September, but some people in the car park started throwing chips at him and shouting "fatty Judas".

However, the good news is that our sister franchise in Pride Park, Derby, has reported increased profits of 400% in that same period..."

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