01 May, 2008

Done and dusted

I don't want to harp on about it, but I think it is fair to say that everyone in football should be glad that the Leeds saga is over. I cannot see how it would be sustainable for Leeds to get the points returned, especially at this stage of the season - I personally think that Bates was trying to be clever, but was found out. I wonder if the Leeds fans will still defend him? I get the distinct impression that they love Leeds more than they love Bates.

From a Forest perspective, of course it is good news, but that is not (and has never been) the main reason for taking this point of view; I merely think that Leeds broke the rules (both in fact and in spirit), accepted that they would receive a punishment in return for their Golden Share, and still claimed that it was unfair.

Back to thinking about Saturday: the butterflies are starting...

1 comment:

Baz said...

General impression is Bates should shut up.

However, "Through the Seasons Before Us" is right in that anyone facing Leeds in the play-offs is going to get pummelled as they deal with another perceived injustice.


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