26 May, 2008

Lessons in humility

I saw this article by a Swansea follower, and it makes an interesting comparison between the attitudes of Leeds United and their supporters, and the attitudes of Reds supporters after not achieving promotion twice in a row.

Broadly speaking, most Reds fans learnt a few lessons in the first two seasons, we stopped bragging about how we are too big for League One, and as a result, many opposing fans left congralutations on the messageboards.

Like the Reds over the last few years, I suspect that the mouthy Leeds fans are just a vocal minority, so I have sympathy for the genuine Leeds fans who recognise that they got relegated of their own accord; however, a major distinction is the anti-Football League propaganda thrown out by Bates & Co and seemingly devoured at face value by many of the fans. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of their situation, the way that Leeds United FC have conducted themselves in the last year shows a lack of grace and dignity.

Let's hope that Leeds and their fans have learnt a lesson from their dismissive attitude towards others this year, and they may just get promotion next year.

Of course, the reason for this article is that Leeds lost the play-off final - congratulations to Doncaster!

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Footy51 said...

Personally, I've enjoyed so-called big teams struggling in the Championship and League One, goes to show that Forest are not the only ones, and that no-one is guaranteed of anything.


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