18 June, 2008

Deja vu?

So, Junior has Agonegone (sorry about the awful pun) to Egypt to - ahem - challenge himself at a higher level. The initial press photo did look rather as though he had just walked out of the airport and had the shirt unexpectedly thrust into his hands. The fee is reported to be close to £1m, which isn't bad business for a player who cost £250k two years ago and has only shown sporadic form. However, I kind of liked him (when he could be bothered), and his goal at Yeovil last year shows that he does have some quality that would have been useful in the CCC.

A source of rather more concern to me is the departure of Sammy Clingan to Norwich. Although a vocal section of the Reds' crowd do not seem to understand his qualities, I think that he has been an integral part of the Reds' team, and I think we missed him a lot when he broke his ankle the previous season. Naturally, Sammy has made the usual noises about moving to Norwich (impressed by the facilities, only had to speak to the manager to be convinced etc), although the NEP have reported that a large amount of cash may have had something to do with it.

Of course, the departures of these two, plus the tubby one and a few of the kids, has reminded people of the bad old days ten years ago, when Campbell and Cooper were allowed to leave, prompting our mardy dutch friend to go on strike. While I am not happy about the departure of three senior players, this is hardly a case of asset-stripping (as it clearly was when Campbell was sold under the stewardship of Wray and Scholar). I also remain confident that the management team will be looking for the right players to come in and fill the gap, and that the chairman will be willing to bankroll such moves.

At least I hope so...

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