09 July, 2008

Official kit launch

The new kit has been officially launched - I like the stars either side of the badge, and I like the wording around the badge, but unfortunately it does make it look as though it has been sewn-on. The official site features an arty photo gallery, featuring Messrs Wilson, Bennett, McGugan, Smith and Chambers. Apparently the shirt also features the wise words of Sir Brian: "How did we win it? We were very good, simple as that" (can anyone substantiate that?).

I like it, although I will probably stick to my usual policy of waiting two years, and picking it up for £10 from a high street sports shop when it goes out of line.

In other news, the NEP quotes the bronzed one saying that he isn't planning on buying a new right back - I don't have a problem with that, although Chambers does get exposed when playing against a decent winger, I have seen Perchio play really well in both full-back berths, and young Brendan Moloney is now a year older and wiser after his first-team excursions for both the Reds and Chesterfield.

Finally, just a day after reporting that the Zamalek deal may be about to fall flat, the BBC report that Manuel has (finally) left the building. No official word from the club yet though.

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