09 April, 2005

I probably shouldn't at this time of night but ...

Gerrard: Doesn't deserve to be in this team. There's only so much he can do.
Matty: I'm a big fan of Matty's. But today he was half a yard off the pace. I don't think he's fit after his injury yet and shouldn't be playing.
Melville: Not his best game and without him at his best we look shaky. Old.
Morgan: If Wes was in a successful team we would be hailing him as the best defender in the division. I feel sorry for him.
Doig: Often, the difference between a good record and a great record is the attention to detail. Often the difference between a mediocre footballer and a good one is concentration. A better second half though.
James: Waste of space. He's been given his chance. Why does he just throw it away?
Gardner: Out of his depth. It's not his fault and he's only a kid.
Perch: See above.
Commons: It must be awful to be rejected by the club you support. And then when you finally get the chance to play for them, you are part of the side that goes down. At least he came out to applaud the Trent End - I said during the game that I wanted to see if any players were brave enough to do so.
Dobie: Waste of space. The point of bringing new players in is so their enthusiasm rubs off on the jaded players. Dobie's enthusiasm is long gone.
Taylor: Megson made him. But he's reverted to "old Gaz". I was wishing he was sent off by the end - it would have capped the day. He should have gone for that elbow, but he did also hit the bar twice. So small is the difference between hero and villain.
Evans on for James after about 30 minutes: My favourite player at the moment, but as we observed many times he has little footballing ability. The difference was for much of the game he was the only one who cared. It's just a shame that when he won the ball he couldn't pass it. He did have the guts to come out and face us at the end - he's not even a Forest fan.
Harris on for Dobie in the second half: Made a fair old difference, giving us a bit of movement upfront. However, when he did get the ball he was woeful. I kind of feel for him; he's only been here a few weeks and he's obviously never going to start.
Thompson on for Grandad after about 70 minutes: Obviously playing to stake a place next season. He dribbled the ball past people, ran like mad and generally made himself popular. I've not had much time for Thommo as a player but he shone amongst the rubbish.

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