23 April, 2005

... by far the greatest team you'll ever see

Today was quite important. Nottingham Forest FC prolonged the agony for all of us by winning and results went our way. Meaning we are not relegated yet. Part of me wishes we had just lost in the same pathetic roll-over manner we always do and put us out of our misery. But, instead, something special happened ...

The first half was dire. Megson rolled out his customary 5-3-2 with Gaz Taylor as sweeper. We looked solid enough, although Colin Doyle, in for the suspended Gerrard, had a couple of saves to make. But we were creating nothing with Dobie and Commons up-front.

The second half started and after around ten minutes we switched to a 4-4-2 with Gaz partnering Dobie and Krissy moving to the left wing. Around the same time the fans started singing "... and it's Nottingham Forest, we're by far the greatest team you'll ever see" louder than anything else heard at the City Ground for a long while. And, amazingly, the players responded. We pushed our luck defensively, but we started driving forwards and creating. Finally, a deep cross was headed down by Dobie to Kris, who had a lot to do to get the shot in from a tight angle. But we scored. A must-win game and we were ahead! The noise levels stayed high, we reverted to 5-3-2 and rode our luck even further. We won three points, Brighton and Crewe both lost and the gap is now four points, with six available. Our fate is still not in our own hands but, agonisingly, we have hope again.

But that's not the important thing. Because of today I want to renew my season ticket. Today reminded me why I go - to hear 23000 (today's attendance was 24500 which is pretty good after 29000 turned up for the last plate of shite) united in their passion for a football club. The grandad and his grand-daughter who sit next to us. The man who brings his son to every game. The casual who sits in front of us. The irritating bloke behind us who blames Taylor or Dobie for every misplaced pass. For this relegation (as I still can't believe the miracle will happen) at least Nottingham Forest won't roll over and play dead. And it's all down to us. Not Mark Athur, not Nigel Doughty, not Gaz or Evo or Krissy, not even Gary Megson (although he has played his part). But us, the idiots who shell out every year to watch eleven blokes, wearing red and white, kick a ball.

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