15 May, 2005

Review of the Season

... down with the Forest ...

The one word review of the season: Shit.

But really ... it was shit.

The highlights: Paul Evans playing against Derby - a joy to watch. The moment when the fans turned it around (see below). The fact that Paul Gerrard hasn't left yet. Sending Gillingham down. Gary Megson staying.
The lowlights: Pretty much everything else. But mainly listening to Joe Kinnear blaming absolutely everyone but himself for the failures on the radio. The Plymouth game. The fact that Mark Arthurs hasn't resigned. David Johnson's fall from grace. Let's face it - it was all shit.

It started so well. I was well happy to renew my season ticket, despite the slightly patronising "we're serious about promotion" campaign (I'm thinking of you Mr Arthurs). But it started going wrong pretty much immediately after handing over my credit card. The shit over the Trent End Bond (again I'm thinking of you Mr Arthurs - although Mr Doughty must take some responsibility for this). And then the "ill-fated" tour of America (Mr Arthurs, take a bow). The failure to replace Gaz Williams despite Joe Kinnear promising to sign pretty much every central midfielder in England. The shit over Reid that divided everyone associated with the club. And then the total failure to score goals or defend. Or pass. Or run.

At least Joe left without a fat payoff we couldn't afford. And DJ, King, Reid and Daws left - if they didn't want to be here then good riddance. And Megson has started on a proper rebuilding of the club from the ground up. And lastly we sent Gillingham down, which, for some reason, I was very pleased about.

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