16 November, 2005

David Tarka

An interview with David Tarka, ex of Nottingham Forest.

The interview was by Nottingham Forest Supporters Down Under and is lifted from the Lost that Lovin' Feeling Forum (registration required).

1. What do you think were the reasons why you didn't get an oppurtunity
to play in the first team?
Firstly alot of reasons why I didn't get an oppurtunnity to play first
team. These were mainly because of a lack of faith from the coaching
staff after Paul Hart left. Also coaching staff didn't understand my
desire to represent my national team and held it personally against me.
Therefore, when the oppurtunity was there they would play an English
lad. Injuries played a major factor in my confidence.

2. Why did you leave the club?
I left the club because I was extremely unhappy. I left Australia and
went to England entirely for progression in my football. I hit stalemate
and was learning nothing at all for a long time. No one wants to play
reserve football for 18 months under Ian McPharlin. Also my injury
treatment and rehabilitation was disgusting. Unfortunately if you're not
playing regularly in the first team you dont get the same attention,
time and level of treatment. This all lead me to be extremely unhappy
and meant I was never going to progress as a player and was suffering
extremely as a person.

3. Forest were in a bad position last season on the field, what do you
think were the contributing factors?
When Paul Hart left, Forest lost focus on playing a particular style or
formation, and really relied alot on chance and luck to win games,
rather than having faith in a playing group and playing to your
strengths. If the club wanted to get rid of Paul Hart everyone needed to
go at the same time (coaching staff). They had the talent in the playing
group to avoid relagation, but not enough passion and drive to work with
the players. Kinnear allowed himself to be influenced by the remaining
coaching staff.

4. Do you think that the club is running well behind the scenes, or are
there problems running deep?
I didn't have much to do with the club behind the scenes. As far as I
saw they all want the utmost for their supporters.

5. Who did you you see as the best player within the club?
Best talent at the club was Andy Reid.

6. What are the players like? What type of characters are they?
Alot of the players were fine blokes, but unfortunately there are alot
of big egos in English football. I guess it comes down to the money they
get paid. I don't have time for anyone who thinks they are better than
someone else as a person because they earn more money. Alot of the
players had that mentality.

7. Megson or Kinnear?
I didn't get a chance to do anything with Megson, although being around
Forest with Kinnear anyone would do a better job.

8. What did you think of Nottingham?
Nottingham as a town was gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed living in
Nottingham. And the support I received from the fans was humbling.

9. Did you consider any other English team before returing to Perth
Glory? (rumour of a possible move to Barnsley??)
I had oppurtunities to join other English teams but didn't even consider
them. For me I had to get back to Australia, sort my injury out and get
a smile back on my face. I needed family and friends to revitalise my
undoubted passion for the game.

10. What are your hopes and plans now that you are back at Perth Glory?
Now back at Perth Glory I've had an operation on the troubled hamstring.
It was reattatched to the bone with two screws. I am weeks away from
joining in at training, and am extremely happy outside football
considering i haven't played for 5 months. I hope to be a major
influence to the team achieving the championship in the inaugural season
of the A-League. The standard on and off the field has dramatically
improved in Australia, and very exciting times ahead for Australian
footballers. I know once I get back fit and playing, I will have a
buring desire to play with the world's best where I belong in a world
class league.

Thankyou very much for your support and continued interest. It is a
driving inspiration in my battle to get fit. I am also very sorry I
didn't get an oppurtuntiy to represent you in the first team at Forest.

Yours Sincerely,
David Tarka.

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