20 November, 2005

Joke of the Day

A Billionaire asks his sons what they would like for Christmas.

The first son says "I would like a train set" - so his dad buys him Virgin and the London Underground.

The second son says "I would like some golf clubs" - so his dad buys him St Andrews and Gleneagles.

The third son says "I would like a cowboy outfit" - so his dad buys him Derby County!

Nice work by Nathan Tyson. From listening to it on the interweb, it sounds like he can make the difference. Also interesting to note that we are now playing exactly like West Brom used to - a back three with three defensive players in front, creating an impenetrable wall in front of goal. Let's hope it works as well at Huddersfield next week. As it's Yorkshire, I shall be there.

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