02 November, 2005

Jose Mourinho's a football genius

You could say that Chelsea are suffering a slight dip in form. Defensively a little bit shakey (although attacking wise doing OK). However, their dip in form means that they lose one in the Champion's League and draw a few in the Premiership.

But the great thing is Mourinho. Rather than have the press bang on and on about how John Terry's not as solid as he was last season, how Makele's screening of the defence is a bit below par, he rants about Arsene Wenger and one hundred and twenty page dossiers. The back pages are covered with "Arsene's a voyeur" and "Jose's dossier" and Terry and the Chelsea players drop out of the limelight, keep their heads down and try to recover some form.

Contrast this to Roy Keane's outburst, which has just intensified the spotlight on the under-performing (or not good enough) United players.


Rish said...

Did you hear Arsene Wenger last night? I have never heard him so angry. He was making an entirely justifiable point though, that journalists are all too quick to put things in quotation marks when they weren't actually said.

Unfortunately Arsene's comment about stupid people was clearly aimed at Mourinho, although that doesn't make his complaint any less valid...

Baz said...

for someone reputedly so calm and collected he doesn't half get wound up by "mind games". No wonder his team so often bottle it.


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