13 January, 2006

Mercenaries and Local Lads

"I would rather be relegated by playing our youth team then stay mid-table with the bunch of football hookers that we have season in, season out. I'd rather have a purge of all the lazy leeches. I'd rather have good honest pros and not feckless egomaniacs, wherever they come from" says John Nicholson


Rish said...

I like the fact that there is now an ad for divorce lawyers on your page, presumably in response to you quoting the word "hookers" from John Nic's column...

Paulie said...

Off topic, today (20th) is the birthday of Forest's greatest-ever player.

It should really be a public holiday througout the East Midlands:

(and that comment isn't just a cheap excuse to link to my own blog post on the subject - I promise...)



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