24 January, 2006

Sven is going

Apologies for cross posting with my other blog, but I have just heard that Sven is to step down after the World Cup. Good, I say, but just as with Glenn Hoddle, I wish it were for football reasons rather than other stuff (although Glenn made his position untenable, I couldn't really care less if Sven is messing around behind Nancy's back - not that I approve of such behaviour).

I am slightly disturbed by reports that Sam Allardyce is the hot favourite - anyone else think it would be like having Mike Bassett?


Joe Williams said...

I would have preferred Sven to stay but it looks like he was going to go after the World Cup even without the fake sheikh stirring things up.

I think the only difference the manner of his departure makes is that the FA will resist appointing another foreign coach even more than they would have beforehand - it was already unlikely.

Given the options available Allardyce is probably the best candidate, though if appointed it could go either way, brilliant or doomed, or anywhere in between.

But McLaren isn't up to the job, Curbishley is a club man, Pearce doesn't want it (rightly so) and anyone who thinks Martin O'Neill would be interested is an idiot.

Of course I am available for the job, though as usual I have been overlooked by the media. Banksy in goal...

Baz said...

But don't you think the main reason he is going is because he implied that Premier League clubs were run by corrupt bastards.

As for Allardyce - I never wanted England to take part in Euro 2008 anyway. O'Neill would never want the job (especially given how pretty much every England manager is hounded out) - I reckon give the job to Big Phil - thus letting him complete a hat-trick over Svennis.

Joe Williams said...

My point is that without any of this external pressure he was likely to go after the World Cup. His story today about already having an informal agreement to leave in the summer does sound like a glossing over the facts (when was the last time an England manager was "sacked" rather than some kind of "mutual agreement to leave"?) - BUT we have heard similar rumours before so it was probably his intention.

I agree that as far as the FA are concerned, yes they were no doubt most pissed off about the corruption allegations. As if they're fooling anyone.

I wonder what this enquiry is going to turn up - I reckon 50/50 between a) no corruption in football! or b) there IS corruption in football but it's all down to {arbitrary foreign agent}.

Big Phil would be good regarding success on the pitch, I'm sure, but there's no way the FA will pick a foreigner. They could potentially go for a non-English Brit - not that there are any genuine candidates - and they will likely claim to have shortlisted at least one foreigner at some point. But due to the turn of events there will be too much "We told you so" from tabloid idiots (journos and readers) to make a non-Brit a viable option, sadly.

Baz said...

I just heard Barwick on the radio saying "it's a fantastic job and there will be people queuing up to apply".

That's the kind of total misunderstanding of the real world worthy of Bert Millichip.

Good old FA. Still a bunch of old farts with absolutely no idea what they are doing (in charge of a multi-million pound industry)

Rish said...

I reckon Barwick is in touch, but he is also trying to say the kind of things that the establishment would encourage.

I only have one problem with Big Phil - and it is not his moustache. It is simply that it would be difficult to have an England manager (coach, whatever) who doesn't speak English!

Baz said...

But he is a Forest fan!

Baz said...

In defence of Steve McClaren the one time when he wasn't working with utter rubbish was at Man U when they won the Champion's League.

The rest of the time he miraculously kept Derby up, despite them being rubbish (and as soon as he left they sank like a stone), and now he has, until this season at least, miraculously kept Middlesboro up, depite them being rubbish.

Joe Williams said...

Two words: Boudewijn Zenden.

Baz said...

exactly - he can keep shite like that in the premier league. give him a decent team and he wins the champion's league. still a red-faced tw@t though

Joe Williams said...

Are you claiming that Alex Ferguson had nothing to do with the Champions League win? All down to McLaren?

Baz said...

Count the wins with and without McClaren.

He obviously has something going for him as a coach (keeping Jim Smith's Derby team up was a massively underrated achievement) - just maybe not as a manager.


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