29 January, 2006

Where do we go from here?

That was dire. Especially the first half. Gerrard couldn't be bothered. Commons was fat and uninterested. Perch lacked confidence. Morgan had a fat mare. Holt (G) must be wondering what he has let himself in for. Eaden was just plain shite. Only Tyson looked like he gave a shit (and earnt himself two yellow cards because of it). To be fair to Megson, he took Eaden off, put Holt the 1st on and moved Perch out of central midfield and we started to actually hold on to the ball, but by then it was all too late (although Clingan, in particular, benefitted from having the ball played to feet and looked pretty good in the second half).

Megson has talked about a "Judas in our midst". There is talk on the internet of a "gang of six" players encouraging the other players not to turn up for training. There are rumours that Megson has lost the entire dressing room (and it certainly looked that way). I still think that it doesn't seem to matter who we sign or who the manager is, as soon as they get here they are shite and as soon as they leave they become good again. Meaning that it must be something to do with the culture or the running of the club.

I have no confidence in Megson being the man to turn things round and I hope he has the dignity to do a Kinnear and resign. I have no confidence in the fans giving his successor enough time to fix things as the problems obviously run deeper than the Trent. The players are a total disgrace - I don't care if you hate your boss - you are still being paid a substantial wedge of cash, by us, to kick a fucking ball around with some effort and passion. And I have no confidence in Mark Arthur or Nigel Doughty having a clue what to do to sort this rubbish out.

We are fucked.

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