02 February, 2006

It's a farce

While rumours abound that some of the players are going to walk out on strike, the chairman effectively calls them overpaid lazy wasters. No-one has gone to the press, as threatened ("boo-hoo, I'm paid thousands a week for a ginger man to shout at me for two hours a day") but the rumours of dressing room splits increase, despite most of the original "trouble-makers" being shipped out ("call that an hour long jog through the mud - you're out, you 'orrible little man you").

We all know that Megson is a vindictive bastard whose idea of coaching is the old "hairdryer" treatment but we also know that most players are overpaid mollycoddled twats with no idea about the real world.

I'm beginning to think that ND and GM are old-school and think they need a bit of discipline whereas the players think they deserve a fresh mango juice and a rub down and if they don't get it they will go through the motions on the pitch and pocket their fat pay cheques. And it's the players that will win.

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