12 February, 2006

Latest report

Hi, it has taken a while for me to flag it on here, but I put a new report on the BBC Nottingham website about a week ago. The report was edited (with my permission) as the editors were a little concerned about a couple of potentially libellous comments(!). The unedited version is below:

The proof of the pudding

Before I start, let me make it clear that what I am about to write has been hovering around in my mind for a good two or three weeks. In fact I was thinking it after the victory to Oldham, never mind the woeful recent performances culminating in embarrassing defeats to Barnsley and MK Dons.

I have lost faith in Gary Megson. I supported his appointment at the time, because we needed someone who was known for managing things on a tight budget, steadying the ship, someone who believed in discipline, and who believed in the Clough-esque principle of building a team from the back. Megson's reputation suggested that all of these things were possible.

However, what we have seen over the last year is someone who has spent a fortune in transfer fees and wages, who never looked like saving us from the drop, and appears clueless as to how to arrest the club's freefall. We have a team, who continue to pick up unnecessary bookings and red cards, and who (if the rumour and anecdotal evidence is to be believed) has little or not support in the dressing room. For many fans though, the worst failing is that not only are we losing badly, we are losing in a manner which is negative, bereft of any style or flair, and creating virtually no chances.

Let's look at the evidence. Firstly, the case for the defence - Megson keeps resorting to the “something rotten” at the core of the club, and despite his unwillingness to go into detail, there is some evidence to support this. Why do managers keep failing at this club? It is not lack of financial support; contrary to popular opinion, I have it on good authority that it was Paul Hart, not Nigel Doughty, who failed to sanction signings that would have strengthened the squad after the play-off season. It is not lack of resources%2

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