13 February, 2006

A new hope?

Mr Megson seems to think things are getting better .

Some questions:

How much is due to Cullip being harder than the rest of the players and therefore telling them to shut their moaning pieholes?

How much is due to the fact that DJ has vanished off the face of the earth and Gareth Taylor's been shipped out?

How much is due to the fact that "our Jack" is now getting a game?

Who on earth can the fat bastard be, Kris?

Why does this have to happen just after the play-offs move out of reach?

Will this actually result in us getting three points along with decent football?


Rish said...

Couldn't it be Wes eating all the pies?

Rish said...

In fact, as they are both a bit porky, which one of them is it?

And if there is togetherness, why is he still trying to ship out Gerrard and get Russell Hoult in?

Baz said...

well I presume Gerrard hasn't actually uprooted his kids from Cheshire and has, instead, agreed to stay in a hotel for a few days a week. Or something like that.

I have read a few reports of Wes being seen out and about with a kebab in his gob.

I also wonder how much of it is down to the fact that over the last couple of weeks there has been a fair amount of people saying "megson may be a git but the players are overpaid wasters"

Baz said...

Intriguing post from a message board:

"DJ was the last one out on his ear. Although he is now not training with the first team he seems to have been noted as a catalyst for the anti establishment so to speak....

Tis why I have been so Anti DJ over the last few weeks. Couldn't actually say anything until now. There is however another player that really should go, and I hope he does.... "
taken from here


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