27 April, 2006

Big Phil for England

The best man for the job.

Better than Sam bloody Allardyce anyway.

It's telling that the best English candidate was McClaren (who admittedly single-handedly kept Derby in the Premiership and won Man U the Champion's League(*)) and he did not even have the confidence of his club captain.

(*) I know they're not all native English speakers but someone must have noticed that it's supposed to have an apostrophe in it!


Joe Williams said...

No apostrophe.

"Champion's League" = league belonging to a champion.

"Champions' League" = league belonging to some champions. Possibly acceptable.

"Champions League" = league composed of champions. Correct. As long as you are happy to call teams finishing 4th in the league champions, obviously.

Baz said...


Joe Williams said...


You should know, from reading my blog (which has much better grammar than yours), that I am always right.

Given your background in programming it is understandable that your punctuation skills are lacking, though you ought to know more about parsing.

Joe Williams said...

Sorry to deviate from the punctuation debate, but it's interesting to note that the tabloids have gone ballistic at Big Phil for rejecting the job, even though it was their fault.

Unusual for them to display such hypocrisy so quickly. Normally they'll give it at least a month before they turn on the new great hope. Good work everyone. Guess we get Steve McLaren now. Brilliant.


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