30 April, 2006

Play-off pay-off

If either Barnsley or Swansea lose next week and we draw then we're in.

If either Barnsley or Swansea draw next week and we win then we're in.

If both Barnsley and Swansea win then we need to win by five goals more than Swansea and we're in.

So we just need to beat Bradford six or seven nil and we should be OK. Easy.

Note: we spent the entire second half playing hoof-ball. It was great.

Yesterday also showed that without both Tyson and Grant up-front we are pretty toothless. Jack was a waste of time and should have been sent off (and was taken off to save himself). Holt made an impact as soon as he came on and gives the team a focus, leaving Tyson free to terrify the defenders.

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