18 April, 2006

Idle Boast

All the papers are stating that Chaz will be given the manager's job with Barlio as his assistant.

No complaints from me with this run of form.

My idle boast, earlier in the season, that we would finish higher than Huddersfield might even come true.

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Rish said...

By all accounts, Charlie has the making of a decent manager, and Barlow the makings of a decent number two.

However, Chaz needs to work on his media profile, and I am worried that Frank and Chaz are having something of an extended honeymoon - there has been very low expectation, and the good form (and play-off possibilities) are a happy bonus. If Charlie takes on the job permanently, then the expectation will raise greatly - not great for a novice, even with Frank to guide him...


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