14 June, 2006

Back in the real world

The Alan Podgers deal is off as Peter Taylor joins Palace.

Podgers takes the opportunity to have a well-deserved holiday in Marbella.

The cobblerisation of the City Ground continues.

Roy Keane retires - presumably he knew about this when he was being interviewed at the City Ground. Does this mean he turned us down or ND wanted Calderwood all along?


Nik said...

We don't have the luxury of him over here - we just have commentators that spend an entire hour complaining about the injustice of Japans goal - details like the fact the Schwarzer screwed up and came barreling out at the wrong time seem to escape notice.

Joe is allowed to not watch the games when he becomes a commentator or pundit - reviewers have to watch.

Was troubled by the comment that the Czechs have an old side when only for of them are (just) older than me - doesn that mean I am officially old now?

Spain just gone 2-0 up but have to go to bed cos have a job interview in 8 hours - its at the airport - can't help that think leaving me in charge of planes is a bad idea.

What happened to Echobase? Why do the code words that I have to enter to post get longer and longer?

Baz said...

Good luck with the interview. Does that mean you get a posh uniform and a peaked cap? Or do you have to dress in a short skirt and bend over the drinks trolley so fat old men can leer at your arse?

I think Ste has given up on echoBase and therefore not renewed the domain name. You can still get at it here: http://pub32.bravenet.com/guestbook/2738291947

Joe Williams said...

I am not a reviewer. I am a Correspondent. That means I can do what I like.

The thought of Nik in a short skirt is even more terrifying than him being in charge of planes, but I'd imagine the trolley dolly job is the one he's going for.


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