14 June, 2006

The Beautiful Game (Abridged Version): Brazil 1 Croatia 0

Five days in I finally miss a live game entirely and am reduced to watching the highlights. In fact this is not strictly true – I do see approximately 2 minutes of the live coverage, but find it difficult to judge the game based on this brief encounter.

The highlights, sadly, are woefully inadequate. The teams run onto the pitch. Kaka scores for Brazil. Croatia have a chance. Half time. Ronaldhino forces a save. Ronaldo is taken off. Croatia win a corner. Brazil miss. The full time whistle blows.

So, Brazil win, Croatia are probably not a bad side, and I can tell you no more.


Baz said...


Ronaldo, unfit, fat and disinterested.

Kaka and Ronaldinho, excellent.

Croatia try defending deep in the first half, which doesn't work.

Croatia take the game to Brazil in the second half and force a number of good saves from Dida.

Brazil's football is no more beautiful than anyone elses and if Croatia had played like the second half all the way through we could be looking at a different result.

However, it would be fair to call Brazil's opening match a more stylish version of England's "do the bare minimum to get through".

Nik said...

I really think that our reviewer should watch the games - unless he's angling for a job as sports reporter at The Sun, in which case he is allowed to miss the games but only if he is riffling through Beckham's bins

Baz said...

Why? Most of the commentators don't seem to bother watching the match. Tyldesley seems to spend most matches watching reruns of Man U's Champions League victory over Bryan Munich.


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