23 June, 2006

Card Crazy:
Croatia 2 Australia 2
Japan 1 Brazil 4

In the evening games Australia need at least a draw to make it through, but Croatia are a goal up after just 2 minutes. Australia equalise with a penalty taken by Craig Moore. Croatia bundle another over the line but Harry Kewell levels it again. Dario Simic is sent off by England's referee Graham Poll but the Australians level it there by having Brett Emerton follow him.

It looks like Simonic is next to go when he is booked, but Poll seems to forget that this is his second yellow card and fails to send him off. This doesn't cause too much of a problem as he receives a third shortly afterwards, and this time he goes. Amidst the chaos the game ends and Australia have the point they need.

The other match can't compare to that, even when Keiji Tamada puts Japan one up against Brazil, who rest half of the first team. Ronaldo soon puts things right, and in the second half Juninho, Gilberto and Ronaldo (now the joint leading scorer in World Cup finals history) finish the job.

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