11 June, 2006

Nighty Night: Argentina 2 Ivory Coast 1

Thanks to a Carling promotion I stand to win £20 should the Ivory Coast beat Argentina 4-1. My friend Mike is content to lay a bet on an Ivory Coast victory at 9-2. Neither result seems likely - the presence of Didier Drogba is surely not enough to inspire a generally weak team to victory.

I tear myself from the pub to watch this one at home but I wonder, while watching, why I bothered. The ITV commentators do their best to hype the match, but their insistence that this is a game of high excitement seems no more than bluster.

Both teams are uninspired and the match is a bland affair, as far as I can tell, but my view may be skewed as I miss the first 15 minutes and fall asleep shortly after half time, having had little rest and much alcohol. I find out later that Argentina have won 2-1 with goals from Hernan Crespo, Javier Saviola and a late reply from Drogba.

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