11 June, 2006

Things Yet To Come: Trinidad & Tobago 0 Sweden 0

A glance at the team sheets of England's future group opponents reveals many names familiar to an English audience. With further consideration of these names it appears that both teams rely too much on experience, lacking new blood. The Sweden team in particular is remarkably familiar from previous tournaments.

The game starts uneventfully, with both teams cancelling each other out, neither making any effective attacks. Midway through the half I am dragged away and spend the remainder of the match sitting in a pub garden, casting the occasional glance through the window to the television inside.

I make the occasional trip indoors to check on the progress of the game, but I am largely distracted. Reports from viewers in the pub suggest that the game is dull and even, and the consensus appears to be that the final score is justified.

I am annoyed to have ignored so much of a game so early in the tournament, but pleased that I don't appear to have missed anything special.


David said...

Hmm, I thought T&T's resistance in the last twenty minutes was inspiring and their enthusiasm refreshing.

David said...

However, I am impressed that you have not only sort of kept up with doing your reports (sleep and alcohol notwithstanding) but have also contributed a new 1000 Number Ones posting.


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