21 June, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful

We all know the negatives. Only able to play for one half. Disgraceful defending at set-pieces. Lampard's inability to score a goal. Carragher in no way being an attacking full-back when our system relies on the full-backs for width. Owen's injury (there's a shock). Only having a baby as our spare striker.

But there are quite a few positives.

Tweedy finally started playing football (although to be fair to him, he was marked out of the other two games).

J'eau de Cologne's goal.

Hargreaves showed why he's in the Bryan Munich side.

We passed the ball about instead of hoofing it at Crouchio's head.

Rooney managed seventy minutes without injury and, more importantly, looked extremely pissed off at being subbed.

Steven Gerrard (more important than Rooney to this side).

We have won the group, not only avoiding Germany, but, vitally, buying us an extra day of preparation and recuperation time. And as I have said before, it is the little things that make all the difference.

And, this is the key, the Swede has got us playing like Germany.

Not Jurgen Klinsmann's in-fighting, high tempo, good at attacking, poor at defending Germany.

But the traditional, lumbering, deserve to lose every game but somehow do the Teutonic bare minimum to win a trophy Germany.

The "if you want entertainment, go and watch clowns" Germany.

The "three World Cups and one World Pope" Germany.

Barring an injury to another striker, I'm strangely confident. The rest of the world will hate us. We don't care.

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