21 June, 2006

Volvos, Saabs, IKEA, ABBA etc

One crucial thing that everyone (except for Stuart Pearce) seems to have forgotten is that Sweden were also playing.

True, England's defending from set-pieces was terrible - obviously a failing of the coaching staff - this is elementary stuff (why on earth was Beckham marking the Swedish centre forwards?).

True, Carragher was rubbish. Everyone seems to think Ashley Cole was good, in my opinion he was OK but still has a long way to go.

True, Sven has really been caught out for taking two crocks, one child and Peter Crouch. Why has he taken Jermaine Jenas? As a Forest supporter, it pains me to say this, but he doesn't bring enough to the team - he is not a defensive player, nor is he attacking, he doesn't score enough and he doesn't really fill any role. That is the place in the squad that should have gone to Jermain Defoe.

But, the reason that England did not get the win was because Sweden really upped their game in the second half. They noticed England's defensive weaknesses and exploited them. Of course we are going to focus upon our own shortcomings, but let's not forget that there was more than one team on the pitch last night.

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