20 June, 2006

Terrible Miss: Saudi Arabia 0 Ukraine 4

Tonight I have to play a gig, and for the first time I find myself unable to see anything more than a negligible amount of a live match, and no highlights. The score is above, if you’re interested.


Rish said...

You appear to be friends with Level 42!

Joe Williams said...

Isn't everyone friends with Level 42?

Baz said...

unfortunately, no Cheryl Ann unlike Nobby and Chicane.

Rish said...

How do you know that? And which one of Cheryl's sites is real (I suspect that it is not the one which says "I wear tops too sizes too small to make my boobs look bigger", but I you can never be sure)?

wom said...

I don't want to make excuses for the team, but Saudi players couldn't get footing with the wet field. They're all very inexperienced when it comes to playing the rain.

Zaid, although I like him in person, needs to go. Khoja, whom I think to be the real future of Saudi Arabia, needs to get in for the Spain game.


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