19 June, 2006

Togo No-No: Togo 0 Switzerland 2

Togo's second match almost doesn't happen, thanks to a dispute over the team's bonus payments, but the matter is resolved in time for the fixture to go ahead. Perhaps one of the deciding factors was the knowledge that, in a tight group, a win today would give Togo every chance of getting through to the next round.

They start well against Switzerland and have the best of the play for the first few minutes, but on 16 minutes their opponents go ahead when Alex Frei knocks one in. Togo are rattled by this and allow Switzerland to dictate the game, but they gradually get back into the match.

After 34 minutes Emmanuel Adebayor goes down under a challenge in the area and Togo look certain to win a penalty. The referee turns down their appeal. Togo are lifted, however, and subject Switzerland to a wave of attacks, but none of them come to anything.

Not much changes in the second half. Togo’s uninspired attacks fail to break down the Swiss, who mainly sit back on their lead. Hakan Yakin comes on for Switzerland and is a little more adventurous, forcing a save from Kossi Agassa, but they still make little impact and allow Togo to keep at them.

It isn't happening, though, and real chances are few and far between. As the game goes on Togo seem to give up. They start to let Switzerland have more of the ball and after 82 minutes Tranquillo Barnetta scores the second. Togo pile everything into attack once more, but there is no way back.

The final whistle blows and Togo are out, while Switzerland still have a good chance of getting through and can make sure of it by beating South Korea on Friday.


Rish said...

Wouldn't "Togo No Go" have been a better headline?

Baz said...

And if they'd won - Togo-a-go-go

Joe Williams said...

Probably both. I did try to work out something more substantial but got stuck with No-no Togo Go Loco and gave up.


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