21 June, 2006

Waste Of Time:
Holland 0 Argentina 0
Ivory Coast 3 Serbia & Montenegro 2

Group C is another which finishes with one meaningless game and one to decide the top spot. Argentina are being tipped by many to win the tournament, following their demolition of Serbia & Montenegro, but the Dutch team are surely a tougher challenge.

Both sides rest several players holding yellow cards, but the match starts competitively, though it is a rather dull midfield battle for the first 25 minutes. Then Argentina turn up the heat and suddenly all of the action is in the vicinity of the Dutch goal.

Holland resist and gradually the attacks subside. There is no score at half time, at which point Serbia & Montenegro stand 2-1 up and a man down against the Ivory Coast.

The second half is unbearably tedious. More stars are given a break and the players who remain on the pitch seem unwilling to risk sudden movement of any kind. The Argentinians, especially, clearly don't give a toss whether they win the group or not, perhaps confident that they can beat anyone who comes their way.

This is truly one of the worst games of football I have ever seen, and it is no surprise when it finishes goalless. The real action has been in Munich where the Ivorians have come from two down to win 3-2, with one of their own men sent off just before full time. Now that’s a match.


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I was hoping that van Persie would score so I could use that headline. Maybe next round.

Nik said...

For those that I haven't mentioned it to, this is the most excellent site since Bill met Ted


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