21 August, 2006

Junior A-no-go

So, Bristol Rovers have rejected our bid, and now reports suggest that he has resigned from the club.

I refer to my earlier post - we don't need another striker, especially with Harris and SWD (both unproven so far in a red shirt, but doing well in the reserves) on the bench, and Dobie starting to play again.

Further to this, what is the point in bringing in someone who has proven that he is a troublemaker, and who has been accused by fans at various clubs of being lazy and only playing when he wants to?

On a brighter note, great to see Forest win again, even more of a relief to see Holt Jr finally score a penalty - I don't know if I have ever heard of a team getting four penalties in consecutive matches, let alone missing three. I suppose it is always a possibility with Jack and Grant upfront, they must be tricky customers for third division defenders.

I have also noticed that CC likes to take off players who are on a yellow card - this is something I have always liked to do when playing Sensible Soccer, so in my mind it should be applauded.

Bring on Accrington Stanley...

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