14 August, 2006

What's the problem...

So what is the problem with taking penalties? I suspect that the rest of the team will not allow Jack to take any more as he has missed the target (by quite a distance) twice. At least Chopper got his on target. CC commented that a few of the players were practising on Friday, each of them took five and scored five - was there anyone in goal? My Dad suspects it could be to do with the "new ball" - a useful excuse but not good enough as they have had enough chance to practise even if they are playing with a Wembley Shoot ball.

On a different subject, reports from Bristol rather worringly suggest that Bristol Rovers are coveting Grant Holt as a possible replacement for Junior Agogo. Surely we should be keeping the player who has done most so far this season to create chances for us? Also, surely the whole point of signing Agogo (assuming the transfer goes through) is to give us cover in light of the injuries we have?

In my view we don't need to sign anyone. We have three decent strikers at this level in Holt Jr, Jack and Chopper, plus young Spencer waiting as a pacy (if unproven) alternative. The only thought that occurs to me is that there is little hope of DJ and Dobie recovering to make any impact, at least this season - it certainly would not be a surprise if DJ has kicked his last ball in a red shirt, it also would not surprise me that much if he retired when his contract expires.

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