26 January, 2007


Is anyone else excited about the battle of the housewives' favourites on Sunday?

If nothing else, it gave the Evening Post a chance to compare Jose and Cloughie's most memorable quotations...

I don't know if we will win the match, but if we do, I will love it. Especially as I have a Chelsea fan working for me at the moment!

Everyone at work is being quite supportive (I work in north Birmingham, so am largely surrounded by Villa fans), it is memorable because it is the first time in several years that the entire country is supporting Forest. As my friend the "Maradona of the Midlands" opined, "It takes a real effort to be more hated than Manchester United, but you have to hand it to Chelsea, they have managed it"!

1 comment:

Baz said...

Man Utd ... hated.

Peter Kenyon goes to Chelsea.

Chelsea ... hated.



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