28 January, 2007

Who needs Mourinho?

On the telly for this one.

Mourinho was dressed as a tramp in his pre-match interview.
Lineker was quiet.
Hanson was almost gracious ... a big day out for the Forest fans.
Wright tipped us to win ... probably because of his Forest connection and because he knew what the other two were like.
Desailly didn't really care.

We lined up in a 4-4-2 ...

Curtis Morgan Breckin (c) Bennett
Southall Holt (G) Perchio Holt (Gr)
Agogo Tyson

You probably saw it on the telly. The first half we were awful. We looked like a third division side against the Premiership champions (there's a shock). We gave them all the space in the world, we looked like rabbits-in-headlights as soon as we got possession and were duly punished. All three goals were disappointing - Shevchenko's shot (who was Wes marking?) looked like a comfortable save until Curtis deflected it in, Drogba's goal, at first glance, looked excellently placed, but on a replay was actually quite close to Smith and the last one was just a joke. The only bright spot was Perchio, who was alone amongst our players in that he knew what to do with a football.

At half time, Hanson and Lineker could barely contain their fervent mixture of hatred, contempt and glee. Yes we were awful. But, as Rish said, if it were Scunny putting in that performance they would be talking about the gulf in class between the divisions. Not laughing at the fact that we hadn't managed a corner and had less than a fifth of the possession.

Sammy came on for Grant in the second half (I would have taken off the other Holt, played Grant up-front to hold the ball with Tyson on the left to use his pace against Geremi). And it definitely made a difference, having a player who knew how to pass the ball. We started playing our style of football, culminating in an Agogo cross that Perchio just couldn't reach, with Cech and the Chelsea defence beaten. This woke Chelsea up and it became a proper game of football. Lester and Dobie (why?) replaced Agogo and Perchio (why?); leading to the highlight of the half. Andrei Shevchenko was fouled and the camera cut to Mourinho guffawing at the Ukranian's discomfort.

So that was it. I thought, especially after the second half performance, we deserved at least a goal (my prediction beforehand was 4-1). But 3-0 is fair enough.

Their goals were disappointing.

Our fear and awe showed through in the first half.

It was nice to see Junior swapping shirts with Essien (obviously they know each other after playing for Ghana in the World Cup).

Lineker royally pissed me off, but I've hated him for years (nothing to do with Leicester or Spuz ... more because I think he's two-faced and nasty).

And, as they say, we can now concentrate on the league.

Nice dream. We all knew it would end this way.

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EgorTheRed said...

A perfect summary Baz and I think you got it right with playing the dark haired Holt bro (eh?) up front too!

I was going to go on and talk of disappointment, dismay, despair etc etc....but in 42 seasons as a Reds fan I've been to umpteen finals (Munich, Madrid, Wembley god knows how many times ) and had experiences with Forest that Scunny and Bristol C fans could only dream about..... so they owe me nowt!!

Onwards to promotion lads....

U Redzzzzzzzzzzzz!!


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