10 July, 2007

Apologies in advance

I've made the decision.

No season ticket for me this year.

First I said if they lower prices. They did.
Then it would take some great signings. They appeared.
But my car was due a service, that cost me a fortune. Coupled with the fact that my renewal pack arrived on the day that tickets went on general sale (a week after the deadline for renewals).

So, with a lot of regret but an empty wallet I decline this year.

Living in Leeds means I can't often make midweek matches anyway. So the economics don't really work out. Instead I'll pick and choose my games (I've figured the cost works out about the same). And in a quirk of fate I may make more midweek games than weekend ones (I'll be working in Leicester, which is a commute and a half).

So apologies in advance if I miss a few match reports. At least Sod's law may apply - as I have not bought a season ticket we are bound to play beautiful flowing football and walk the league.

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Rish said...

Pressures of modern life - if I still lived and worked in Nottingham, I would consider it. BUT, £300+ is a lot for Third Division football. Especially when you have car insurance, servicing etc to consider, and (in my case) a girlfriend who really wants a holiday...


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