10 July, 2007

A lucky escape?

As reported by the official website, Didier Agathe will not be joining us; this is because he failed to show up for the training camp.

I don't know much about Agathe, but I have heard various stories suggesting that attitude, rather than ability, are the problem. He left Celtic because he felt he deserved to be amongst the top brass at the club (presumably in terms of £); the fact that his mentor at Celtic, Martin O'Neill, did not want to sign him after six months at Villa also suggests that something is amiss.

Regardless, if you are hoping to impress a potential new employer, turning up is a good start; if it was someone hoping to get a job with me, I would not even bother with them if they did not show up. I cannot help but think that it is a lucky escape - Agathe would presumably have been on relatively high wages, and if this is indicative of his attitude, we are better off without him.

In other news, BBC Nottingham report that Brecks will continue to be the Reds' skipper next season - I think this is the right move, despite the arrival of the Lenster. The ginger one should be able to show his influence regardless of whether he is wearing the armband, and it allows for some continuity, while also saving Brecks from the potential demotivating effect/humiliation of losing the captaincy. I did feel sorry for Riccy Scimeca when he lost the captaincy not once, but twice - it is hardly a vote of confidence.


guinless said...

Well there's a first time for everything and this is the first time I've had cause to disagree with you Baz. Brecks didn't do it for me last year. He was a shadow of the man who got Player of the Season the year before. Apart from his below par performances, he had the nerve to slag off the fans. Now we all know the fans should know better, but for a player to retaliate the way he did means trouble. Personally I'd offload him, but to do that we need a replacement. It also sounds like CC would agree more with you rather than me though.

guinless said...

Disagreed with the other fella, didn't I?

Baz said...

I'm with you Kev - sorry Rish.

Breckin is usually solid but too quiet for a captain to my mind. Lennon is blatantly captain material but I can understand why CC would not want to make him official captain for just a year.

Personally I'd give it to Chambers - from what I have seen so far he's got what it takes. Beyond that we are a bit short of choices.

Rish said...

In response to your points: I agree that Breckin was not as good last season - his use of the ball was rubbish, but we didn't really have a midfield last season to pass it to. As for his outburst, it was not too clever, but I can totally understand his frustrations, and to be fair he apologised soon afterwards. I would also argue that anyone would have had a job captaining last season's bunch...

The Lenster will not need an armband to exert his influence - he is a logical choice as skipper, but is it worth it at the risk of demotivating one of CC's key players?

I like Chambers, and think he is possible captaincy material (and was made Northampton skipper by CC when he was just 20) - but is it too much to make such a young and relatively new player captain in what could be a pivotal season?

I also think that Brecks looked much more solid, confident, and much more like a captain when Luke was playing alongside him. As much as I like Wes, he is not as assured as Chambers - hence I would keep a Chambers/Breckin backline, and would not relieve Brecks of the captaincy.


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