09 July, 2007

A message to you (rudies)

OK, we have signed the two Yeovil boys, and on the messageboards, there were warnings that Davies, in particular, does not respond well when people get on his back (mind you, who does?).

Speaking on the Yeovil official site, the boys state how much they appreciated the support of the fans (who, if the play-offs were anything to go by, were brilliant):

Davies: "I'd like to thank the fans massively, I've had some great times here, and they've been great to me from the word go, and really supportive. Even just walking around the town, they have been very supportive and they're great for the club."

Cohen: "The fans have been brilliant ... They never really get on your back, and as Arron said, when you meet them down town, they are always very supportive and kind."

So, maybe the boo-boys should think twice before booing - if ever you needed proof that positive support creates positive results, here it is, from the horses' mouths.

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, also let me refer you to the quiz at the end of an article I wrote for BBC Nottingham. Please - no more moaning!!

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