06 July, 2007

I heard a rumour

The rumours are rife that Yeovil duo Chris Cohen and Aaron Davies are likely to sign. Through the seasons before us reports that this is unsubstantiated, but also that Yeovil fans seem resigned to losing the pair.

Cohen is a decent central midfielder, and it has been said that he has carried the Yeovil midfield in the past; we all saw what Davies can do, although Yeovil fans suggest that he is inconsistent and tends to turn it on for the big matches. Overall, more good than bad though!

UPDATE (7th July): As you will probably be aware, the boys have signed. Now we are waiting upon Kelvin Wilson, and seeing if Didier Agathe is worth taking a punt on (both potential right-backs)...


Baz said...

BBC suggests it is about to happen.

guinless said...

What a bloody day that was. It was looking distinctly dodgy at one stage late in the afternoon, with internet rumours of Fester coming in with a late bid. Really glad we pipped them, these are hopefully two great signings that have really lifted the mood.


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