03 July, 2007

A pyrrhic victory?

So, Krissy is staying. Good. It is on a "one-year contract extension". Bad.

As I understand it, this means that, next season, when he is 24, he could walk for nothing. Still, I suppose that proves that it is promotion or bust - he is a good enough player to play in the Championship, and I fully expect him to do so, whether it is in a red shirt or not. Hopefully, he will be able to recreate his form of the last quarter of the season, rather than the sporadic bursts of brilliance that he has so often displayed.

And to those who say that the chairman never sticks his hand in his pocket - well, Neil Lennon's wages are not going to be cheap, and now the club have effectively taken a £1m(ish) gamble on going up - if we don't, then we will have lost any fee for Kris.

Finally, if it is a contract extension, does that mean that it is on the same terms as previously? Suggests to me that there was not a huge amount of interest from other parties, surely if there was, Krissy could have negotiated an even fatter wallet?

In other news, John Curtis has signed for QPR, and Spencer Weir-Daley for Notts County (no details of any fee though - surely we could ask for one as he still only young?). Good luck to them both.

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