01 August, 2007

The campaign continues...

Updated 2nd August 2007:

I was interviewed on Radio Nottingham's breakfast show this morning to discuss the campaign to Save Sherwood the Bear. You can listen to the interview on the BBC Radio Player; this link will take you to the start of the show, so you will need to forward by about 1 hour 45 minutes.

The BBC Nottingham website is also hosting the campaign.

To show your support, email savesherwood@talktalk.net, with your (real) name and location (e.g. "Rishab Baruah, West Midlands"). All support is much appreciated.

1 comment:

nffcblog said...

Arf! I heard your interview this morning - well done :) You can always depend on Radio Nottingham for randomness!

I'm still a bit nonplussed by the fondness for Sherwood the Bear, but if people feel that strongly about it then good luck with the campaign!!


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