12 August, 2007

Save Sherwood - a minor, but significant victory

As the Sherwood campaign has taken over this page a little bit, I have handed over all campaigning duties to the dedicated site www.savesherwood.talktalk.net. This includes a summary of why the campaign is running, some correspondence from the club's marketing department, Robin Hood, and the Great Bear himself, and of course the online petition. Please do keep signing up, I will leave the petition open until the end of the month.

However, as I have stated on the front page, we have won a minor, but significant victory - Sherwood may yet make appearances this season! Bearing in mind that the club still have not told me who was consulted as part of their decision-making process, I like to think of this as a small reminder that we, the fans, can make a difference in the way that our club is run...

Thanks to all those of you who have sent in messages and signed the petition - this whole project was never meant to take up this much time and energy, but it has been a real experience and your support has made it all worthwhile.


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