03 October, 2007

Feel the pressure

I think we can safely conclude that the fifteen point penalty has galvanised Leeds, and they really have made an extraordinarily good start to the season. Dennis Wise has today been charged by the FA for abusing a ref; he was apparently incensed by the fact that the ref allegedly used bad language towards him. While the ref should not react like that, I laughed out loud when Wise appeared on the TV saying, "Unfortunately I am going to have to report him". Hello, Mr Pot, my name is Mr Kettle!

Yes, Leeds probably can feel hard done by for the 15 points, but I think they would earn a lot more sympathy if they conducted themselves with a little more dignity. Fight the legal battles in the courtroom, rather than conspiracy theories about how the FA and Football League want to see them down/out of business/slip on banana skins etc.

There is of course the obvious parallel between Chelsea and Leeds; both teams have been disliked by others for playing dirty, and showing a lack of grace in victory and a lack of dignity in defeat. Isn't it strange how history repeats itself?

Interestingly, following on from Andy Ritchie's protestations over last night's ref, one of the Leeds players sent off at the weekend was Jermaine Beckford - yes, the same Jermaine Beckford who was very lucky not to be sent off at Forest for dissent (the ref looked as though he was reaching for the book before realising that it would have to be a red card for his second offence), before going on to score the winning goal. So I suppose sometimes these things do even themselves out over the season...

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