03 October, 2007

The secret of success?

So, unbeaten for a number of matches, and CC is a contender for Manager of the Month. He has bravely tried a 4-3-3, knowing that he has the option to change things around. Those who muttered about how no-one arrived before the transfer window shut are now conspicuously quiet.

Last night was a bit of a test. I don't think the Galpharm Stadium is an easy place to go, so am not too unhappy with a point. Naturally, there have been many moans and groans about the ref, but the NEP quotes CC as saying that the ref had warned both managers that any player leaving the pitch to celebrate would be booked. However petty, the ref was at least consistent on that count.

There is a saying about winning at home and drawing away, and the back four, Smudge and the Lenster are all performing their tasks with distinction at the moment, if reports are to be believed. You will go a long way if you score more goals than you concede, and our defence are miserly at the moment.

After a sticky start, we now have players getting fit again (I can't wait to see Cohen play), and the team playing like a unit. There is still room for improvement, but shall we give the players and manager some credit where it is due?

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