23 September, 2007

Wilson wins it

Kelvin Wilson wins the Vital Forest poll for player of the season so far. Certainly fits with my first impressions of him.


Filipe Serra said...

Hello, i´m a portuguese guy and I like to remember the big and sleeping giant in Europe and I think Forest is one of them. Tell me when will Forest return to the big games?

Baz said...

well filipe.

that's the question isn't it?

thanks for stopping by - and tell Mr Mourinho he can have a job here!

Filipe Serra said...

Mourinho will go to Inter or Juventus. I would like to see him in my club, Benfica.
I miss Notthingham Forest in the premiership.
You need to buy portuguese players. How are playing Pele and Teixeira in West Bromwich?

Rish said...

Hi Filipe,

Don't know about Pele, but Teixeira is a regular for West Brom.

I don't expect Mourinho to come to Forest :-), but I am not too unhappy with Calderwood either. There are promising signs that he is building a decent squad and might just be learning from his mistakes.

I remember a few years ago, we had Hugo Porfirio on loan - only saw him play once, but he was by far the best player on the pitch. Unfortunately that was the last season that we were in the Premier League, nearly ten years ago now!


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