21 November, 2007

The Golden Generation

I'm writing this just before half time in the England Croatia match.

Everyone went on about how Sven Goran Ericsson squandered England's "golden generation". Bollocks. I have defended his record before (2.6 points per game compared to Alf Ramsey's 2 per game) - but one thing he definitely did not do is squander those players.

Look at the historical record:

Fifties - crap
Sixties - win a tournament with home advantage
Seventies - failed to qualify
Eighties - failed to qualify
Nineties - failed to qualify
Ericsson - qualification is easy and we consistently reach the latter rounds
Post-Ericsson - failed to qualify?

In other words maybe he actually did quite well. He got the best out of the "golden generation". And the "golden generation" weren't actually good enough to win anything.

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