06 February, 2008

In Praise of Mark Arthur

I bet that headline got your attention!

For the first time that I can remember, Mark Arthur has said something sensible:

"When previous managers have come into the club and had their ideas about signing players, we ended up not having any structure or policy to what we were doing. So, looking to long-term acquisitions is far more strategic for us now than it has ever been before. Normally a manager will just go to the chairman and say 'I want to sign so and so` and we ended up, a few years ago, with a number of what I call pension players in our dressing room. They did not really care about Forest, they just wanted a nice fat contract and were probably coming towards the end of their careers. We are trying to put something in place whereby ourselves and a group of players can grow together and bond in the dressing room."

1 comment:

Rish said...

As I have posted on Through the Seasons Before Us, it is very easy to be cynical about his comments - especially the timing. But there does seem to be a longer-term strategy here, which surely has to be applauded.


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