06 February, 2008

Promotion or bust

Lots to report upon, from being top (briefly) of the table at Christmas, to abject performances and a slide down to fourth place - I hope to post more on this soon.

Firstly, Neil Lennon has left. I was disappointed, but not surprised. Of course it would have been fantastic to keep someone with his experience and ability to control the game; but he did walk out on the club with no notice, and let's face it, he knew before he signed that Nottingham and Glasgow are not exactly next door (and Wycombe is even further away!) - how many employers would tolerate that? Coupled with the fact that Paul Lambert is his mate, and rumours of Lenny putting in less than 100% effort on the training ground (utterly unsubstantiated), it is not surprising that a high-wage earner who is not getting in the team has been released.

Manuel Junior Agogo is banging 'em in for Ghana - nice one!

Will Hoskins will join Forest on loan. His family live in Nuthall - I discovered this when visiting the in-laws over Christmas and I saw a BMW with a "HOSKINS" number plater whizz past - my other half (who doesn't have any interest in football) confirmed that yes, a lad from around the corner did become a professional footballer. A fee has already been agreed should things go well between now and the summer, and the wags on the message boards are already suggesting that CC will play him at right-back or something equally ridiculous. I think this is potentially a great signing, and in the medium- to long-term will seal Grant Holt's exit.
Finally, breaking news from BBC Nottingham - Mark Arthur has admitted that a failure to seal promotion this year may well cost CC his job, and therefore once again can be awarded a star prize for stating the bleedin' obvious. Both Baz and I have stated before that Mark Arthur appears to be one of the obstacles to putting the broken pieces of this club back together again, and I have seen nothing to change my mind...

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