28 March, 2008

Not looking good

Donny have just beaten Forest, it was apparently an inept performance and they didn't even manage a shot on target. To add injury to insult, Brett Ormerod has joined his fellow loanees in picking up a nasty injury.

For the first time, I feel that maybe the honourable thing would be for CC to resign. I don't want to see the man lose his job, in some ways I quite like him, and I also think that he has had a positive influence on the club in general. But managers will always be judged on results and performances, and neither have been consistent enough (that is without mentioning his ridiculous pre- and post-match soundbites).

My Dad, a season ticket holder, says that there have been a couple of matches where the football has been fantastic. Unfortunately there seem to have been at least as many matches where the performances have been dreadful - if you cannot even muster a shot on target, there is something very wrong indeed.

Most people agree that we have a decent squad at this level, but the formations, tactics and substitutions suggest that the fault lies with the manager. I did not join the clamour for CC's head after Yeovilgate, because I hoped that he would learn from his mistakes. Unfortunately, he does not seem to have managed it.

I know that this could be viewed as a case of middle-class angst, because we are still in the play-off places. Under Megson we were in serious danger of falling into relegation trouble, but now we still have a chance of getting promoted (but it seems to be getting slimmer every week). I am sure fans of some other clubs don't know what we are so unhappy about, but there seems to be little confidence amongst the fans that Forest have the ability and bottle to go up.

If we don't manage promotion, I would expect a new manager next season. I don't know who it should be, but they will need to be an inspirational figure; someone who doesn't get bogged down in tactics, who doesn't over-coach, but can help the players believe in their own abilities, and play them in the right positions. Unfortunately the only Forest manager who has done that during my lifetime passed away in 2004. There is still a shadow hanging over the City Ground...

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